Its birthday time and your little one is excited about their birthday party.

Dinner, then Dessert wants to help make this a party you can enjoy, or maybe even just maintain your sanity until its over.

We can provide food, cake, and even a bit of food entertainment by keeping them busy with cookies or cupcakes or pizzas.

This gives you more time to supervise, or maybe even just sit back with a couple of other moms in attendance and take photos and chat. You definitely won’t be stuck in the kitchen when we are around.

 We generally will be able to help oversee up to 12 children with one assistant. The cost for the assistant will be built into the party fee. If you have a party larger than 12 children, we will have to provide you with a quote for additional help. We do require that we are not solely in charge of the children, but all of that can be covered in the party consultation.

If you have a certain theme for the party in mind, please let us know and we will see if we can provide theme specific options for your party.




Birthday Cake:

You want it, we make it. The most popular children’s cake we make is the rainbow cake, but we can make any combination of flavors and colors you like for your little one. If you would like some flavor inspiration check out our Desserts page.


Cookie Decorating Party:

We can accommodate most shapes and all letters or numbers. The cookies are either chocolate or vanilla, can be tinted any colors you like and will be pre-baked for the party. A certain number will be pre-iced for the kids to enjoy and icing will be available for them to paint their own cookies as well. We will teach them how to ice the cookies and provide small icing tools.


Cupcake Decorating Party: 

We can accommodate most flavors. The Cupcakes come in a whole host of flavors [please see the full Cupcake Menu] and if they are not chocolate, they can be tinted any colors you like and will be pre-baked for the party. A certain number will be pre-frosted for the kids to enjoy and icing will be available for them to decorate their own cupcakes as well. We will teach them how to frost the cupcakes  and provide small frosting tools.


Ice Cream Social Party:

 This party does not require Dinner, then Dessert to be present, but we will need to be on site in your kitchen to make the ice creams and baked goods the night before for optimum flavor. View these pages for full menus of Ice Creams and Baked Goods. There may also be some options to consider in the Client/Holiday Gift page. We can also accommodate any cookie flavors you may want.


Finger Food Party:

We will help your little ones celebrate by providing the finger foods for them to enjoy. There are many options for finger foods, the most popular of which include mini peanut butter and cheese sandwiches, oven baked chicken breast tenders, pigs in a blanket, fruit chunks and other healthy options which will save them from a sugar overload before they get to the desserts. For the kids who are a bit older, there is an entire selection of finger foods in the Mini Food Parties page to choose from.


Pizza Party: We make little individual size pizzas [your choice, anywhere from 3-6 inches] and your little ones take turns picking out all different toppings and either we put them together or they can. They go off an play for a bit as we bake off their pizzas. The pizza dough is made from scratch and comes in either an original crust flavor or a honey wheat flavor.




Please contact us at [email protected] to discuss pricing. Pricing depends on items/entrees chosen, number of people served, level of service and additional help if needed.


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